Innovationsmanagement für Akteure in Sicherheit und Verteidigung

INNOSEC - Innovation management models for security organizations (erfolgreich abgeschlossen)

  • Auftraggeber: EU
  • Koordinator: TECNALIA, Spanien
  • Konsortium: 11 Partner aus 7 Ländern
  • Laufzeit: 24 Monate, Projektstart Februar 2012
  • Budget: ~1.65 Mio.€, INT-Anteil: ~154.000€
  • Ziel: The InnoSec project will make a strong contribution to developing and helping deploy effective and efficient innovation management systems for Security organisations in Europe. InnoSec will produce a unique modular model, together with a roadmap, for implementing and improving innovation management in public and private security users, create new methodologies and built upon best practices in the sector and other sectors, verified by intra- and extra-project team end-users. The model is unique because there is no similar model devoted to security organisations. It will comprise the four phases of innovation: monitoring, evaluation, adaptation and feedback. It has been chosen to be modular to facilitate adoption and internal capability to undergo changes. Customary tools like technology watch, road mapping, and forecast, will be adapted to the security sector context. The roadmap will propose building blocks that will combine innovation modules and complementary pieces dealing with human-centred and motivational aspects, together with considerations of the organisation’ culture, and will include training materials. Every phase of the research, including the final results, is consistently contrasted with the opinions of distinguished experts and end-users coming from different areas of the Security services, maintaining public-private, regional sensibilities, operational-research, and gender balances.
  • Aufgabe INT: Koordination und Durchführung der Interviews bei Sicherheitsorganisation sowie deren Dokumentation und Auswertung (WP1.3); Test des InnoSec-Modells sowie Integration der Änderungen in das finale Modell (WP4)
  • Ergebnisse (mit Beteiligung INT):

D1.2: Empirical study of innovation management practices of users in the security sector

D4.1: Validation of the proposed modular innovation model in user partners

D4.3: A refined version of modular innovation model - the INNOSEC model