Hannover Exhibition 2017

The Exhibit “Augmented Technology Foresight”

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The Exhibit “Augmented Technology Foresight”

There is general consensus that our technological world is advancing ever more rapidly, leading to fundamental changes in daily life. We also recognize that the boundaries between single technologies are converging more and more; companies are having to search beyond their field of vision for technological changes. 

Since the 1970s, the Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis INT has pursued its fundamental mission of detecting and monitoring such complex, all-enveloping changes, and of continuing the development of Technology Foresight as an important tool for strategy, planning and innovation management. Our Business Unit “Corporate Technology Foresight” has a business company’s specific needs at heart. 

We would like to help you to identify new technologies - with all their opportunities and risks - in good time. As of now, we shall be publishing a quarterly newsletter that highlights new discoveries from our work. Should you have a special interest or a question, we also invite you to exchange ideas with us at any time. 




Augmented Technology Foresight


Business Unit Corporate Technology Foresight