Our Service Range

The following sets out our range of services in Corporate Technology Foresight, shows you how we can help you to access public funding for research, and pinpoints the key areas that we focus on.

Developing Research Projects with Industry

“We have a great idea – but who will foot the bill for the research and development our project requires?” – a common question for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). The good news is: there is a large number of public funding options for technical innovation, from local level up to the European Union (EU). The bad news is: it is pretty much impossible to get a complete overview of this “funding jungle” and penetrate it as well. Added to this are the high formality hurdles often placed in the way of publicly-funded research projects – overcoming them calls for a lot of time and effort.

In particular, application forms for European funding usually amount to 50 to 80 A4 pages; the forms demand the following details:

  • a well-founded presentation of the need for action, including a sound analysis of the outset situation at European level and in the partner states or regions concerned;

  • as a next step, a detailed explanation of the proposed project’s objectives, which in turn must show clear links to the objectives of the funding line concerned and to the general policy objectives of the European Commission;

  • a presentation of the planned methods and a coherent justification of the method selected;

  • a detailed description of the project process and the measures foreseen;

  • where required, a presentation of project partners, which in turn have to comply with formal funding conditions;

  • the drafting of a detailed cost calculation of all measures to be funded, taking into account details of differentiated procedures for the billing of activities;

  • the presentation of an elaborated, justified method for evaluating project results;

  • a strategy for publishing and disseminating project results. 

European funding regulations also require cooperation in transnational partnerships, which must be made up of organizations, associations, bodies and companies from different European countries. 

Fraunhofer INT has many years of experience and a very good track record for developing, writing applications, implementing and administering both nationally and internationally funded research projects. We help you to find the right funding program for your research and development work, and so that further development and implementation can follow on, we write the application for the funding for your project, in accordance with regulations. In addition, our unique international Fraunhofer network supports you in identifying and making contact with the right project partners at international level.

We look forward to your inquiry!

Security for Energy and Resources in the Future

Today, the key for the future economic success of a company is the intelligent use of energy and resources. Higher prices are showing the limits of fossil fuels and other non-fossil raw materials (e.g. metals) – something that consumers, producers and service providers will become much more conscious of in the future. Climate change is not the only driving force; added to this is simply the scarcity of many raw materials because of increased global demand resulting from technical developments (viz. IT and electro-technology), as well as increased demand from dynamic developments in Asia and South America. For tomorrow, entrepreneurial success largely depends on the intelligent and efficient use of existing resources, as well as on developing the growing global market for environment technologies and innovations. 

Following this line, there is only a seeming contradiction between economic and ecological action. In truth, there is enormous economic potential in ecology; it is one of the main growth markets of the 21st Century. What will count in the future will not be just the quantity factor (regardless of follow-on costs and long term impact) in producing and distributing products, but the quality. So the main business challenge is to utilize technological change for the production of high grade and recyclable goods, with less material use and lower unit costs. By setting the right future trends and technologies at an early stage, a company can secure a decisive strategic advantage over the competitor, and lay the foundations for the company’s own success in the future. 

Fraunhofer INT supports you in identifying key developments and innovation potential in good time, and in translating this new knowledge into technological innovations and decisions in the right direction – so that your company can develop its full economic potential tomorrow as well.