Defense Technology Foresight

Our Services

As an independent, neutral mediator between strategic research planners, decision makers and technologists and other scientists, we provide our clients with a view “out of the box".

In doing so, we offer the following services:

  • Technology scanning and comprehensive technology foresight for defense applications across the whole technological spectrum
  • In-depth analyses of specific technology issues (description of technology, classification, prospects, technology context, consequences, policy recommendations), also by using quantitative methods (bibliometrics, patentometrics, data and text mining)
  • Brief expert opinions / ad-hoc statements on individual technological topics
  • Technological assessment of and contributions to the development of military capability requirements
  • Technology assessment together with the client, using various methods of "Assessment gaming"
  • Participatory futures workshops with stakeholders, systematic expert surveys
  • Analysis of international R&T strategies, international R&T cooperation and collaboration opportunities, R&T projects, defense R&T country reports
  • Provision of web-based R&T information systems

Here you will find a presentation of reference projects.