Electromagnetic Effects and Threats

High Power Microwave (HPM)

Since the early nineties, the INT has focused its research on threats caused by novel electromagnetic effects, particularly by high-power microwaves (HPM):

  • Development of measurement techniques for microwave coupling measurements (probes, antennas, analyzer systems, mode-stirred chambers)
  • Fixed and mobile irradiation facilities for medium and high power pulsed microwaves
  • EMC measurement technology for modern materials (CFRP, GRP)
  • EMC measurement technology and methods in view of the »generalized EMC« incl. HPM protection and for the higher gigahertz range
  • Theoretical-physical research on HPM generation and propagation as well as on criminal and terrorist HPM threat scenarios
  • Analyzing new technological developments in the area of electromagnetic effects (terahertz radiation, metamaterials).