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Public Technology and Innovation Planning for Preventive Civil Security

The Business Unit Public Technology and Innovation Planning TIP contributes to shaping strategic research planning for public clients, such as European institutions and public bodies in other EU member states. Services range from consultation on research agendas at national or European level, to the strategic planning of capability development at agency or organization level. This includes setting up scenarios and roadmaps for projecting technological developments. Moreover,the Institute’s long years of experience in defense R&T, make the Business Unit an interface between security and defense as well.

We offer you comprehensive analyses of current research work, as well as investigations in selected fields, such as information on the current state of technology or on the market structure in specific technology areas.

We also act as scientific and technological adviser to the European Commission and the EU Parliament.

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Innovation Management for Players in Security and Defense

As well as developing new technological and conceptual security solutions, SPI implements these solutions in public safety authorities and organizations (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben BOS). As well as monitoring processes scientifically – with the capacity to access further expertise via our extensive network – we develop tools to support an organization’s internal innovation process.

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Resilience Management

As well as our activities in applying new security solutions, we also focus on the interaction between innovations and the general resilience of societies and structures. This goes beyond the part played by professional security actors, and in particular considers critical infrastructures, the resilience of the civil population and professional crisis management.

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Innovation and Societal Acceptance

Since the beginning of the EU’s 7th Research Framework Program, security has been the subject of a specially created research program. This has made it clear that security research and the implementation of the solutions developed have far-reaching consequences for society. The result is that respect for privacy and other fundamental rights have become a mandatory requirement, already at the research level.