Strategic Project: Tools & Methods

Our Approach

The TM group is geared to giving the business units WZA, TIP and CTF the best tools and methods for processing their projects, making them more efficient and effective. Our approach begins with identifying the most promising methods and tools. In consultation with the business units, we modify existing applications to meet their requirements, or we initiate corresponding in-house developments. In so doing, we take account of the short term requirement for methods and tools for current and pending projects, and carry out proactive research regarding potential medium and long term developments as well. 

To identify and formulate business unit requirements, we involve ourselves actively in their various projects and contribute our expertise and ideas. In addition, we comb related scientific communities for new and further developments in methods relevant for the business units’ work (systematic scanning and monitoring of the methods landscape). The scientific findings are passed on to the business units, e.g. via a methods forum, in order to discuss ideas and needs, and to work out concrete solutions and approaches. We also run training courses and workshops to promote the exchange of knowledge and the methods discourse within the business units, keeping them level with our current state of development. 

Besides our work within the three business units, we also coordinate with the staff position “Methods and Training” (e.g. to organize the methods forum) and Fraunhofer INT’s other business units.

Our Services

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