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2020Performing the differential decay curve method on ϒ-ray transitions with unresolved Doppler-shifted components
Barber, Liam; Cullen, David M.; Giles, M.M.; Nara Singh, B.S.; Mallaburn, M.J.; Beckers, Marcel; Blazhev, Andrey; Braunroth, Thomas; Dewald, Alfred; Fransen, Christoph; Goldkuhle, Alina; Jolie, Jan; Mammes, Franziska; Müller-Gatermann, Claus; Wölk, Dorothea; Zell, Karl Oskar
Journal Article
2020Barriers and facilitators in interorganizational disaster response: Identifying examples across Europe
Berchtold, Claudia; Vollmer, Maike; Sendrowski, Philip; Neisser, Florian; Müller, Larissa; Grigoleit, Sonja
Journal Article
2020Passgenaue Technologielösungen für ländliche Räume
Müller, Larissa; Sendrowski, Philip; Sturm, Peter; Kaluza, Benjamin
Book Article
Offenberg, David; Langner, Ramona; Freudendahl, Diana
Journal Article
2020On-Orbit Servicing
Sturm, Peter
Journal Article
2020Floral species richness correlates with changes in the nutritional quality of larval diets in a stingless bee
Trinkl, Moritz; Kaluza, Benjamin F.; Wallace, Helen; Heard, Tim A.; Keller, Alexander; Leonhardt, Sara D.
Journal Article
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