Radiation Detection Devices


Given below is an exemplary list of common device types being tested at Fraunhofer INT. Should you have any specific request in addition, we will be glad to check feasibility for you.






    •  RPM/SPRM: Radiation Detection Portal Monitors / Spectroscopic Radiation Detection Portal
    •  PRD/SPRD: Personal Radiation Detectors / Spectroscopic personal radiation detectors
    •  RIID: Radiation Isotope Identifiers Device

Examples of Qualification Tests


Examples of our qualification tests are listed below. The test parameters given are excerpts of the standards and test procedures which Fraunhofer INT applies when conducting tests.

•  False alarm / False identification
•  Photon and neutron alarm
•  Accuracy for photons
•  Time-to-alarm
•  Gamma response of a neutron detector
•  Detection of neutron radiation in a high gamma field
•  Over-range 
•  Radionuclide identification

Standards and Test Procedures

Listed below are examples of standards and testing procedures of detection device types being tested at Fraunhofer INT in compliance with the regulations referred to.

ANSI Standards

IEC Standards

ITRAP+10 Test Procedures

  • ANSI N42.32-2016 (PRD)
  • ANSI N42.34-2015 (RIID)
  • ANSI N42.35-2016 (RPM)
  • ANSI N42.38-2015 (SRPM)
  • ANSI N42.48-2018 (SPRD)
  • IEC 62401:2017 (PRD)
  • IEC 62327:2017 (RIID)
  • IEC 62244:2019 (RPM)
  • IEC 62484:2010 (SRPM)
  • IEC 62618:2013 (SPRD)
  • ITRAP+10 Phase II -2017 (v05) (PRD)
  • ITRAP+10 Phase II -2017 (v06) (SRPM)
  • ITRAP+10 Phase II -2017 (v18) (RIID)

    •  ANSI: American National Standards Institute
    •  IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission
    •  ITRAP: Illicit Trafficking Radiation Detection Assessment Program