SOURCE – Virtual Centre of Excellence for Research Support & Coordination on Societal Security


Client: EU – under the 7th Framework Programme

Coordinator: PRIO, Norway

Consortium: 12 partners from 10 countries

Term: 5 years, Start: January 2014

Budget: € 5 million EU funding, Fraunhofer INT share € 280k

Objective: The main objective of the project is the creation of virtual pan-European "Networks of Excellence" in societal security. Through a comprehensive set of coordinated activities, the center will bring together experts and stakeholders from all levels of the security chain (science, industry, politics, civil society, end users and citizens), in order to analyze and understand the link between security and society. By means of various network activities, meetings, scientific and general publications (film, press and social media), a scientific journal and the establishment of an international association for research and improvements in societal security, SOURCE will achieve the following objectives:   

Increasing the awareness of policy makers and end-users regarding societal security

Increasing the competitive strength of the security industry by closing security gaps

Improving the wellbeing and security of European citizens.

INT Tasks: In Network Building: analysis of exchange between different groups on societal security, recommendations for improvement; in addition, documentation of relevant technological trends