University Hub

Collaboration with Students

We organize courses, supervise theses and coordinate assistant scientists in order to promote professional and academic exchange and to develop products that can be profitably used in projects in cooperation with students.

Theses in Cooperation with Fraunhofer INT

The Technology Foresight & University Hub group coordinates and promotes cooperation between Fraunhofer INT and universities. This includes the supervision of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral theses. Topics of these papers usually have a technological/scientific and a methodological component. Past examples can illustrate this nicely:

  • Bachelor’s thesis on “Bibliometric investigation of the volume of publication from Germany on SARS-CoV-2” (scientific topic: coronavirus; methodology: bibliometrics)
  • Master’s thesis with the title “Trend research on hydrogen fuel cells and battery-based drives, and associated use-case-specific mobility concepts (technological topic: future mobility using the example of drives; methodology: various methods of trend research)
  • Doctoral thesis on “Scientific support for an innovation laboratory” (focus on the methodology)

This doctoral thesis is an example of a paper that focuses on the methodological aspect. As long as these two components (or a focus on a particular methodology) are present, we will certainly have a topic that can be worked on in cooperation with the institute.

We are happy to help and support these theses and look forward to further positive collaborations in the future.