Firelogue – Cross-sector dialogue for Wildfire Risk Management

Client: EU (Horizon 2020)

Budget:  ~ € 3,3 million EU funding

Coordinator: Fraunhofer INT

Consortium: 14 partners from 8 European countries

Goal: Wildfires are a growing problem across the world, as unprecedented wildfires have raged with an intensity and across geographical regions never seen before while climate change further increases the frequency and severity of wildfires. Furthermore, the multitude of stakeholders ranging from forestry and agriculture to infrastructure operators, insurance, civil society, civil protection authorities and first responders constitutes a challenge in designing holistic policies.

In this context, the Firelogue project aims to support and coordinate the consolidation of knowledge from the wildfire risk related Green Deal Innovation Actions and the wider community. It integrates the findings across stakeholder groups and fire management, and promotes the discussion via forums and workshops, leading to the exchange among a large range of stakeholders.

Fraunhofer INT Tasks: INT is the project coordinator and responsible for all administrative and managerial aspects. Further, in leading the work package 4 “Dialogue formats for the coordination dimension: WFRM integration of measures and strategies”, INT aims to offer a variety of exchange and dialogue opportunities for the Wildfire Risk Management (WFRM) community and beyond.