STRATEGY – Facilitating EU pre-standardization process through streamlining and validating interoperability in systems and procedures involved in the crisis management cycle


Client: EU - under the 8th Research Framework Program - Horizon 2020.

Satways, Greece

Consortium: 23 partners from 14 countries

36 months, project start: September 2020

EU funding approx. € 6 million, Fraunhofer INT share approx. € 486,000

STRATEGY project aims to build and implement a pan-European pre-standardisation framework and to map, test and validate new and existing standards in crisis management. Based on standardization needs, which were identified within the project itself, but also in the project ResiStand, different thematic streams will be addressed, including but not limited to “Search and Rescue”, “Command and Control”, “Critical Infrastructe”, “Training” and “Terminology”. Both, natural and manmade risks are addressed, with a special focus on CBRNe risks.


Existing standards, as well as entirely newly developed ones, are being selected and implemented to support a technical and organizational interoperability in a cross-border context. Standardizations bodies from across Europe are involved in the project to achieve this.


INT’s role:

  • The INT leads the largest work package of the project: “Scenarios, use cases, TTXs definition and standardisation items mapping”.
  • It further coordinates the works on standardisations on terminology, the political and organisational framework, the evaluation of pre-standards, the concluding remarks and a roadmap for future standards in crisis management.
  • Furthermore, it provides its expertise in the areas of radioactive and nuclear threads to all activities regarding CBRNe risks in the project.