SONNETS – Societal needs analysis and emerging technologies in the public sector


Client: EU – under the 8th Framework Programme – Horizon 2020

Coordinator: ATOS, Spain

Consortium: 4 partner organisations from 4 different countries

Term: 18 month starting in March 2016

Budget: EU support € 498 000, share Fraunhofer INT € 153 000

Objective: It is a fact that technology in our age is offering countless solutions that could change the way we live and interact and that innovation is lately directly linked with emerging technologies that are applied in various domains. However, despite the investments performed in the last decade the bitter truth is that “we are not there yet” when it comes to fully exploiting the benefits of ICT to help the public sector to meet emerging societal needs.

SONNETS will tackle this issue of empowering the public sector in becoming a core innovation driver by dedicating itself to the following core questions: (a) how to identify, monitor and early identify societal trends that need to be met by specific public sector services? and, (b) how to timely get aware  of emerging technologies and assess their usability for the public sector? To provide convincing answers to these questions SONNETS will deliver an innovative methodological framework to accelerate the transformation of the public sector through the identification and analysis of emerging technologies that hold the potential to transform the public sector into a technology leader and innovation carrier. It also aims to identify innovation actions that could be employed to deal with societal challenges, and address societal and public sector needs. Thus SONNETS has committed itself to the mission to foster collaboration between all relevant stakeholders by breaking down knowledge silos towards building a more productive, responsive and innovation generating public sector.

INT Tasks: INT is the leader of the WP4 „Roadmap for emerging research directions“ and also contributes to WP2 „Societal and Public Sector Needs“ and WP3 „Identification of Emerging Technologies and Innovation Identification Framework“