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Looking for a way to stay on top of the latest scientific developments in your field? KATI is here to help.

Scientific progress never stops marching forward, generating new technological possibilities in laboratories around the world every day. In many cases it is simply impossible to keep up with such a rapidly growing mass of information, or to acquire quick, precise insights into the latest developments. Developed at Fraunhofer INT, KATI (short for Knowledge Analytics for Technology & Innovation) is an IT-based and data-based assistance system designed to support your foresight processes. KATI offers extensive, unique research and visualization options for analyzing and evaluating scientific sources. Quantitative analyses of publications (scientific and otherwise) provide you with completely new insights and a solid foundation for your decision-making processes.

KATI analyses

Are you keen to look at a subject from all possible angles and in a way that is scientifically substantiated?

Our KATI-system provides tailor-made analyses to address your individual issues. With KATI as a starting point, we conduct not only the necessary literature research, but also follow-on quantitative analyses. What’s more, the Fraunhofer INT analysts build on these analyses with contextual information. This allows us to provide a view of a given field that considers both content and quantity, all from a single source – addressing your precise needs and answering your questions. If you want to identify potential cooperation partners, for example, we’ll focus on analyzing the actor landscape. Or maybe you want to improve your own monitoring processes – in which case, we’ll analyze relevant published journals. Wherever your priorities lie, we’ll organize a preliminary meeting to discuss all these questions and more.


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KATI enhanced monitoring

Do you want to keep track of how a subject area is developing over the long term?

Continuously monitoring areas of interest is a vital process in the context of technology foresight, as it stops breakthroughs or other changes in the field being overlooked. KATI can also assist you with this by providing regular updates on important new publications, new players becoming active in the field or new terms emerging, for example. These updates keep you abreast of the latest news from your fields every six months or so, or they can supply your in-house trend management system with data.


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Accessing KATI

Want to use KATI for your own searches and analyses?

With your own personal access, you can use the KATI-system to pursue your own research, customize visualizations according to your needs and create a personalized dashboard to stay on top of what you’re interested in. Working together with our partner Digital Science, we are able to make the KATI-system available to you. Web-based access enables you to use all the system’s functions for your own research and analyses. And if you need to include your own data in the analyses, we’ll design a suitable KATI solution for your own IT environment.


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KATI training

You’ve just received your access details or you’re already an experienced KATI user?

Our tailor-made training courses will help you get even more out of KATI and discover new approaches. We’ll discuss methodological basics and how they work within foresight processes, and we’ll help you classify your analysis results in a wider context. 


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What motivated our research into the KATI-system? How was it developed? What are typical use cases or KATI analyses?

Data Driven Foresight

Everything about the scientific principles of KATI and the topic of Data Driven Foresight.