KATI Products

KATI System

Science continues to march on, generating new technological options in laboratories around the world every day. It’s often not possible for scientists, decision-makers and managers in technology and innovation to keep abreast of such a rapidly growing mass of information, or to acquire quick, precise insights into the latest developments. Fraunhofer INT developed the KATI System to meet this challenge. Fraunhofer INT’s approach is to use its expertise in data-driven foresight, competence that has built up over the years. This research area uses IT and data-supported procedures in a foresight process. It centers on the development of the support system KATI: Knowledge Analytics for Technology & Innovation. In essence, KATI is a powerful tool for literature research which also offers extensive, unique analysis and visualization options - options specifically conceived to support the analysis and evaluation of scientific sources, as published in journals for example. KATI is so designed that other types of source can also be tapped.

We are collaborating with our partner Digital Science, to offer the whole KATI system range to interested clients. The system is highly interesting for all who are looking for in-depth insights into research fields through the analysis of scientific publications – something that especially addresses users in technology and innovation management, research and development and decision-making support.

Web-based access to the KATI system allows clients to use KATI functions for their own research and analysis. Where clients also want to include their own data in their analyses, we can design a KATI solution that suits the needs of the clients’ own IT environment.

KATI Training

For clients who are new to KATI or who already have some experience, we help with tailor-made training courses to give you even more from KATI and show up new approaches. Within a foresight process, we discuss the methodological basics and their classification, and help with classifying analysis results in an overall context.

Data Driven Technology Analysis with KATI

Opening up new scientific fields and their in-depth analysis is a central element of every well-founded decision-making process. Such a technology analysis not only focuses on content-related questions, quantitative analyses of the (scientific) publication landscape also deliver completely new insights. For such analyses, we use the KATI system that we developed at Fraunhofer INT, where our analysts use quantitative methods to broaden the content-related grasp of a field and generate a comprehensive overview of it. Our tailor-made analyses very precisely address the issues concerning our clients. With KATI as a starting point, we not only do the necessary literature research, but the follow-on quantitative analyses as well. This means that, from a single source, we can offer a content-related and quantitative view of a given field. This deals exactly with your specific needs. Where, for example, you want to identify potential cooperation partners, our focus would be on an analysis of the player landscape. Or you might want to improve your own monitoring, in which case an analysis of the relevant journals would be on the agenda. We discuss these questions up front, together with you.

KATI Enhanced Monitoring

How does a topic develop after content-related and quantitative analysis has explored it? In technology foresight for a given field, continuous monitoring is important; it avoids the oversight of possible breakthroughs or other changes in the field. This is where KATI can also support by providing regular updates – useful where important new publications appear, for example, or new players become active in the field or new terms emerge. Such updates can give you state-of-the-art information on your fields every six months or so, or provide your in-house trend management system with data.