Nuclear Security Policy and Detection Techniques

Equipment & Facilities

  • Measurement vehicle DeGeN for searching and identifying radioactive and nuclear material
  • Transportable nuclear detection system NaNu for global employment, consisting of a container with working places and modular design for radiation measuring equipment
  • Gamma detectors with high resolution for identification of radioactive and nuclear material as well as mobile gamma spectrometry techniques for on-site application including portable and hand-held devices
  • Neutron detectors with high efficiency for localization and identification of nuclear material
  • Spatially resolving gamma radiation detection system with overlaid optical image (gamma camera)
  • Radiation portal monitor
  • Neutron generators (some portable) for active measurements like neutron radiography or neutron activation for the detection of fissile material
  • Isotope laboratory, testing sources, and high activity radioactive sources (gamma and neutron)