Electromagnetic Effects and Threats

Our Experience

Our Business Unit’s experimental work in electromagnetic threats investigates the coupling of electromagnetic fields into structures and concrete systems. It also deals with the vulnerability of electronics in devices and systems, and with detecting electromagnetic threats from High Power Electromagnetics (HPEM). The test objects range from state of the art terminals and information technology systems, especially wired and wireless data transmission technology (network technology), to civil communication technology and components of critical infrastructures.

The experience we have gained from the last few decades of testing in High Power Electromagnetics (HPEM) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is passed on in extensive standardization work. This includes

  • the DIN working groups: TEM Waveguide (waveguide for transversal electromagnetic waves) and Reverb Chamber
  • the VG (German Defense Equipment) standard groups: High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and Lightning Protection, and for Electromagnetic Compatibility

We are also national representative in the IEC Joint Working Group Reverberation Chamber, and participate in the ongoing development of HPEM standardization with the aim of creating a NATO HPEM Protection Guide.