ETTIS – European Security Trends & Threats in Society (successfully concluded)


Client: EU – under the 7th Framework Programme

Coordinator: PRIO, Norway

Consortium: 10 partners from 10 countries

Term: 3 years, Start: January 2012

Budget: € 2.3 million EU support, Fraunhofer share (INT and ISI) € 400,000

Objective: the aim of the ETTIS Project is
- to use a scenario approach to identify, understand and estimate future threats and the future demand for solutions for societal security, i.e. a security approach that includes all dimensions of a democratic society;
- the development and testing of a methodological approach for an iterative process of identifying priorities in security research, thereby involving the social dimension of security research;
- deriving basic principles for future procedures in security research and research priorities, reflecting the needs of end-users.

INT Tasks: analysis of the results of previous safety research projects, with respect to future threats and the needs of society and possible security solutions; conducting and analyzing interviews with experts on nuclear material, Cyber and environmental protection, with regard to future threats, the needs of society and possible security solutions