FIRE-IN (Fire and Rescue Innovation Network)


Client: EU (Horizon 2020)

Grant agreement no: 740575

Coordinator: SAFE (Pôle de compétitivité SAFE CLUSTER)

Consortium: 16 partners from 8 European countries

Term: 5 years, Start: April 2017

Budget: ~ € 3,5 million EU funding

Project Type: Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

Objective: The frequency and scope of natural disasters are increasing worldwide. Together with high societal expectations for security and increased concerns for health and safety of responders, this presents new challenges for the Fire & Rescue, Research, Innovation, and Standardisation communities. In this context, the overall objective of the FIRE-IN project is to raise the security level of EU citizens by improving the capabilities of Fire & Rescue services to address various forms of hazards, natural or manmade.

The work in the project is organized in 3 phases:

I. Identification of capability gaps as experienced and expressed by Fire & Rescue practitioners: The gaps are formulated as challenges to be solved by research and industry.

II. Review of ongoing and planned Research & Development (R&D) projects and suggestion of promising solutions addressing the identified gaps.

III. Establishment of an interactive cooperation between end-users, research, and industry and suggestion of new R&D topics to national and EU research funding lines; development of recommendations for the European Strategic Research and Standardisation Agenda on Security.

All three cycles are organised around five thematic working groups (TWGs) of the Fire & Rescue community:

INT Tasks:

Development of the FIRE- IN framework to organise taxonomy, methodology and workflow in the subsequent tasks and Thematic Working Group workshops which will analyse existing capability gaps

Organising the identification of available products, promising Research & Development works and standards to address the identified capability challenges, by

Establishing a screening procedure

Implementing this procedure with the consortium and associated experts