ETCETERA – Evaluation of critical and emerging technologies for the elaboration of a security research agenda (successfully concluded)


Client: EU – under the 7th Framework Programme

Coordinator: Fraunhofer INT

Consortium: 14 partners

Budget: € 2 million (total), € 1,5 million (EU funding), € 442.000 (total INT), € 371.000 (EU funding INT)

Term: 25 months, Start: October 2011

Objective: Evaluation of critical and new technologies to create a security research plan.


1. Identifying technologies necessary for security, especially in areas where European industry is dependent on other regions of the world. In addition, looking for alternative technical solutions that make it possible to use and sell European-made security products worldwide.
2. Identifying highly speculative research fields in "Emerging Technologies" (time horizon: 10 to 20 years). This study should include the following elements:

Detailed analyses of various "Emerging Technology" areas

Identification of relevant links with civil security research

Drafting priority recommendations for future research

INT tasks: developing WBAT into "Weighted-bit Assessment Table for Critical Dependencies (WBAT CD)"; "Scanning for Emerging Technologies" and "In-depth Analyses of Emerging Technologies"; Recommendations for an "Emerging Security Technology Research Agenda (ESTRA)"