Defense Technology Foresight

Ongoing projects

Continuous support of R&T planning for the BMVg

  • Defense Technologies Forecast (WTV): continuous study of selected individual topics and further development of the process (commissioned by BMVg), in various formats since the mid-1970s
  • R&T country reports — analysis of international defense technology research (commissioned by BMVg), ongoing since 2005
  • Future R&T situation: process design and implementation; the main event is the annual Future R&T Situation Conference (commissioned by BMVg), since 2017
  • KATI (Knowledge Analytics for Technology and Innovation): development of a software system for data and text analysis and its utilization for future analysis, innovation management and defense technology foresight, ongoing since 2015. 


Other selected projects for the German defense sector

  • Literature research “Chemical and physical hydrogen storage” (Bundeswehr Research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants WIWeB), 2020
  • European defense research analysis (BMVg), 2019
  • In-depth technology analyses: sentiment analysis, transcranial stimulation (BAAINBw), 2017–2018
  • Desulfurization of fuels for mobile use (Bundeswehr Research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants WIWeB), 2017
  • Counter-UAV (Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies — CBRN Protection WIS), together with the EME business unit, 2017
  • Trend management system (non-technical study commissioned by PlgABw), 2016–2017


Support for R&T planning for the European Defence Agency (EDA)

  • High Power Electromagnetic Munitions HPEM (EDA project 19.RTI.NP.419), together with the EME business unit, 2020–22
  • Technology Foresight Follow-On TFFO / Technology Foresight Workshops TFWS (EDA project 17.ESI.OP.373), together with Isdefe (Spain) 2017–2022
  • Overarching Strategic Research Agenda OSRA (EDA project 15.ESI.OP.162), together with FOI (Sweden), TNO (Netherlands), Isdefe (Spain), 2016–2017
  • Technology Watch Follow-On TWFO (EDA project 15.ESI.OP.201), together with Isdefe (Spain), 2016–2017
  • Technology Watch Pilot Study TWPS (EDA project 14.CAT.OP.076), together with Isdefe (Spain), 2015


Other projects for European and international institutes

  • Contributions to “Teknisk Prognos / Technology Forecast” (commissioned by the Swedish procurement agency FMV), ongoing since 2009


Collaboration on projects for civil clients

  • RuLe — Resilience of Urban Living Spaces (as part of the BMBF-funded Fraunhofer InnoPush program), 2021–2022
  • KResCo — Crisis management and resilience — Corona (Fraunhofer), 2020–2022
  • InnoBOSK — Innovation forum for networking BOS and SMEs for innovative solutions and civil security research (German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM), 2021
  • KI KRITIS — Artificial intelligence: Impact on Critical Infrastructure Protection (German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance BBK), 2021
  • FRAME — Fraunhofer Microelectronics Innovation Enhancement (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Executive Board; founding project of the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research), 2017–2021
  • Foresight Fraunhofer (President of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) 2018–19
  • Space 2040 — Future foresight 2040 (German Aerospace Center space management), 2017–2018
  • SOURCE — Virtual Centre of Excellence for Research Support and Coordination on Societal Security (EU FP7 project SEC-2012.7.4-2), 2014–2018
  • Lage.DE — Analysis of the structural situation of the defense industry in Germany (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy BMWi), 2015
  • Individual industrial projects in collaboration with the CTF business unit