Defense Technology Foresight

Reference Projects

o   Defense Technologies Forecast (WTV), quarterly (restricted, client: FMoD)

o   Technology Assessment Gaming (Disruptive Technology Assessment Game - DTAG, client: NATO)

o   Human Enhancement – current status and military implications, bibliometric analysis of Human Enhancement“ (several projects 2012-2013; clients: Bundeswehr, EDA, TNO)

o   Technological Implications of a “Post-fossil Bundeswehr“ (2011-2013, client: FMoD)

o   Technology analyses in IT (2007-2009, client: Bundeswehr IT Office,)

o   Analysis of international defense technology research (R&T country reports, client: FMoD)

o   Security policy relevant technology analysis (2010-2014, client: Federal Office for Defense Procurement)

o   Defense Technology Forecast for the Swedish “Teknisk Prognos“ (client: FMV)

o   Scenario Study “Research in Security and Defense 2030“

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