D-Box – Demining toolbox for humanitarian clearing of large scale areas from anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions (successfully concluded)


Client: EU – under the 7th Framework Programme

Coordination: Astrium S.A.S., France

Consortium: 20 partners from 10 countries

Term: 36 months, Start: January 2013

Budget: 9,9 m. € (total), 6,9 m. € (EU funding), ~ 117.000 € (share Fraunhofer INT)

Objectives: Part of the project is to develop an innovative solution offering minesweepers a “toolbox” of the best possible instruments, methods and procedures. This smart toolbox can be applied throughout the demining process, from mission preparation to mine elimination, as well as communication with the public at large and with donors. The toolbox is to be inexpensive, easy to use and adapted to different scenarios and environmental conditions. The project foresees further developments in technologies and methods for the following areas:

- Mapping

- Long-range detection

- Close-range detection

- Neutralization of mines in a civilian context

- Development of protective equipment for end-users and the public and

- Communication of knowledge about the risks of landmines and existing safety rules

The Toolbox essentially comprises an Information Management System (IMS), which fits into the IMAS rules for Humanitarian Demining.

Task INT: Fraunhofer INT has led the task “survey of practices and existing tools” in demining and has also elaborated a report about “general ethical and legal aspects of the use of Genetically Modified Organisms” for detecting landmines.