SmartResilience – Smart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures


Client: EU – under the 8th Framework Programme – Horizon 2020

Coordinator: European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management (EU-VRi)

Consortium: 20 partners from 12 countries

Term: 36 months, Start: May 2016

Budget: EU support € ~ 5 Mio., share Fraunhofer INT € ~ 307,000

Objective: The society needs a system of resilience management going beyond conventional risk management, in order to address the complexities of large integrated systems and the uncertainty of future threats. In modern society the systems that determine resilience of the society are the critical infrastructures (energy grids, transportation, government, water, etc.)

SmartResilience aims to provide an innovative “holistic” methodology for assessing resilience that is based on resilience indicators. SmartResilience specific objectives are:

INT Tasks: The tasks of INT in the project include:

Analysis of existing approaches on measuring resilience of critical infrastructures

Analysis of legal, political and organizational context factors

Lead the work package on “Challenges and interdependencies of Smart Critical Infrastructures”

Analysis of resilience and possible protection measures against High Power Microwave (HPM) threats. This analysis is conducted within the INT business unit “Electromagnetic Effects and Threats”.