Nuclear Security Policy and Detection Techniques


  • Non-destructive nuclear measurement techniques for the detection and identification of radioactive and nuclear material on-site
  • Design and operation of mobile measurement systems (system integration)
  • Support and advice of national and international security authorities
  • Theoretical and experimental research on potential nuclear proliferation and verification
  • Physical and technical aspects of nuclear test stop and nuclear disarmament
  • Possibilities and dangers of illicit use of radioactive or nuclear material for non-peaceful purposes (including terrorism, blackmailing)
  • Participation and consortium lead in various projects such as
  •    - German-French Projekt ANCHORS "UAV-Assisted Ad Hoc Networks for
  •      Crisis Management and Hostile Environment Sensing"
  •    - EU FP7 Project EDEN "End-user driven Demo for cbrNe"
  •    - EU Project ITRAP+10 "Illicit Trafficking Radiation Detection Assessment Program"
  •      as experts