CARONTE – Creating an Agenda for Research on Transportation Security (successfully concluded)


Client: EU – under the 7th Framework Programme

Coordinator: Fraunhofer IML

Consortium: 11 partners

Term: 18 months, Start: June 2014

Budget: EU support € 1.3 million, share Fraunhofer INT € 57.000

Objective: Easy, efficient, safe and secure transportation is a core factor for European growth, collaboration and employment, and thus for the Europe 2020 strategy. Land transportation has two main security challenges: to avoid interruptions of transport and to ensure the free flow of freight and passengers which guarantees supply to Europe’s populace, and to avoid that transportation modes become open avenues of attack. CARONTE helps to tackle these challenges by producing a research agenda for security in land transport that focuses on the core relevant gaps caused by existing and emerging risks.

The CARONTE project has achieved its goal of providing input to strategic research planning in the domain of land transport security. Information from more than a hundred experts was collected through various methods, more than 120 ongoing and recently completed research projects were evaluated, and a large number of relevant policy papers and research programmes were analysed. During the last Work Package “Elaboration of a research agenda”, the information thus obtained was sorted and processed in a transparent way in order to obtain research ideas that are highly relevant for current and future strategic research planning. These ideas have been sorted and are presented in a way that allows easy uptake in the strategic research planning processes of the European Commission and other authorities.

INT Tasks: Fraunhofer INT was the leader of WP6 "Elaboration of a Research Agenda - Developing the Research Agenda”