Nuclear Security Policy and Detection Techniques

At a glance

The Fraunhofer INT‘s Business Unit »Nuclear Security Policy and Detection Techniques« has extensive experience in detecting nuclear and radioactive material in-situ. This leads to the ability to assess and analyze nuclear and radiological threats based on non-peaceful activities.

This capability is based on theoretical simulations and experimental measurements with systems for the verification of radioactive and nuclear material. The detection systems are gamma detectors, as well as neutron detectors. Amongst others, active interrogation with neutrons by means of a portable neutron generator and the possibilities of mobile neutron radiography are investigated.

Further activities in this unit are scientific and technological aspects of nuclear security policy and arms control, particularly of nuclear weapons and potential proliferation aspects. On this subject the Fraunhofer INT advises and supports national and international security authorities.

Furthermore our institute operates a precision mechanical workshop and an electronic laboratory. This enables us to adapt or integrate equipment for our needs or partly build new equipment.


Equipment & Facilities

Covert Mobile Detection of Radioactive Materials

Film: "Covert Mobile Detection of Radioactive Materials"

Qualification Measurements for Radiation Detection Devices