KATI – One group, one system

How can we generate information and knowledge from the vast stock of data out there, integrate it into a foresight or innovation process in a profitable manner, and then use it in this context? That’s the key question underpinning data-driven foresight.

To provide an answer, we have been using the KATI-system – a data-driven foresight tool – for several years now, and two central tasks of the KATI Lab group include developing and marketing it. We also support the KATI-system’s development through our research, providing a scientific basis for the concept of data-driven foresight. Finally, in various projects led by the other Fraunhofer INT business units, we help address issues and use cases using data-driven methods.  You can find an overview of several use cases that have emerged in the context of these projects here.


The three pillars of the KATI Lab’s work involve:


Data  the raw material which we develop, maintain, make available and cleanse in order to form our basic tools.

Analyses – essential for generating information and knowledge from hard-drive data, which is initially meaningless. For this purpose, we utilize and develop methods from the fields of statistics, machine learning, data mining and text mining.

Use cases – concrete applications produce specific questions and issues, which the KATI Lab identifies through involvement in Fraunhofer INT work; that is, through foresight and innovation processes. This results in use cases that are addressed using pertinent data and methods.

Our expertise – our services

The KATI Lab’s expertise spans three areas, starting with IT, focusing particularly on programming and software development using Java, JavaScript, R and Python. This is accompanied by our expertise in databases, data modeling and UX design. Additionally, we are highly skilled in the fields of data science and foresight. As a result, we can support our colleagues in developing, analyzing and visualizing data in the context of foresight and innovation management projects.


What motivated our research into the KATI-system? How was it developed? What are typical use cases or KATI analyses?

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