Business Units


The INT provides his scientific services in eight business areas and a Strategic Project. Here you will find an overview.


Defense Technology Foresight

The Business Unit “Defense Technology Foresight”  provides Technology Analyses and Strategic Planning for the Federal Ministry of Defence (FMoD) and its subordinated offices.


Public Technology and Innovation Planning

The Business Unit Public Technology and Innovation Planning TIP contributes to shaping strategic research planning for public clients, such as European institutions and public bodies in other EU member states. Services range from consultation on research agendas at national or European level, to the strategic planning of capability development at agency or organization level.


Corporate Technology Foresight

Fraunhofer INT has more than 40 years’ experience in advising Federal ministries on „Future Technologies and Strategic Orientation“. For more than a decade, INT has successfully made this experience available to the private sector as well. We work with a team of highly qualified and experienced staff, who together span an extremely broad scientific technical and methodological spectrum.


Strategic Project: Tools & Methods

To develop and implement its tasks, the TM Tools & Methods Group has pooled all the expertise of three Business Units: Defense Technology Foresight (WZA - Wehrtechnische Zukunftsanalyse), Strategic Research Planning and Innovation Management (TIP - Public Technology and Innovation Planning ), and Corporate Technology Foresight (CTF).


Electromagnetic Effects and Threats

The business unit Electromagnetic Effects and Threats conducts applied research on electromagnetic field coupling into devices and systems, impacts in electronic circuits caused by fields and interfering signals, and the analysis of electromagnetic threats.


Nuclear Effects in Electronics and Optics

The Business Unit Nuclear Effects in Electronics and Optics at Fraunhofer INT investigates the effects of ionizing radiation on electronic, opto-electronic, and photonic components and systems.


Nuclear Security Policy and Detection Techniques

The Fraunhofer INT‘s Business Unit »Nuclear Security Policy and Detection Techniques« has extensive experience in detecting nuclear and radioactive material in-situ. This leads to the ability to assess and analyze nuclear and radiological threats based on non-peaceful activities.