Electromagnetic Effects and Threats


We offer our clients from military and security sector our expertise in the area of electromagnetic effects and threats:

  • Coupling of electromagnetic fields and interferences
  • Analysis of vulnerability and protection of COTS and customary electronic devices (e.g. in control centers, aircrafts, satellites)
  • High Power Microwaves
  • High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Electromagnetic threats: hazard precautions
  • Development of protection concepts
  • Numerical simulation of electromagnetic fields

We offer following services:

  • EMC tests
  • HPM tests (with our mobile equipment also at client/remote locations)
  • Reverberation chamber tests with high intensity fields (as requested from the aircraft industry)
  • Characterization of electromagnetic parameters of novel materials
  • Fabrication of electromagnetic field probes
  • Fabrication of coaxial cells for characterization of material parameters
  • Numerical simulations of electromagnetic fields with state-of-the-art commercial packages
  • Studies of hazard scenarios related to electromagnetic threats
  • Cooperation in the area of HPM threats