Nuclear Effects in Electronics and Optics

Irradiation Facilities

  • Three Co-60 gamma irradiation facilities (point geometry; dose rate: 10 µGy/s to 2 Gy/s)
  • Two neutron generators (Energy: 2.5 and 14 MeV; neutron flux: up to 3·1010 n/s in 4π)
  • 450 keV X-Ray facility
  • One laser for SEE investigations (wavelength: 1064 nm, pulse length: 9ps, energy: up to 200 µJ/pulse)
  • One exclusive proton irradiation beam line at the FZ Jülich (energy: 39 MeV to 2 GeV)
  • Possibility for Co-60 high dose irradiations (MGy)



Co-60 Irradiation Facilities


Irradiation at Cryogenic Temperature