QuTeSt: Qualification Test System for Radiation Detection Devices

Fraunhofer INT operates QuTeSt (Qualification Test System for Radiation Detection Devices), a test system to verify an instrument’s compliance with ANSI and IEC standards, as well as with ITRAP+10 Phase II test procedures.


A system for qualification tests of measurement devices for radioactive and nuclear material was established at Fraunhofer INT during the EU-funded project ITRAP+10 Phase II (Illicit Trafficking Radiation Assessment Program), in accordance with the task of testing mobile and transportable systems for the detection of radioactive and nuclear (RN) material.



The dynamic test system consists of an automated, battery powered trolley, which carries the sources and moves on a rail system with a variable track length of up to 40 m. Trolley velocity (from 0.02 m/s to 2.2 m/s) and acceleration can be chosen as needed. The vertical positioning of the sources is variable in accordance with the requirement. Specially designed fast interchangeable source holders for different source geometries are available and the vertical positioning mechanism has a load capacity of approximately 12 kg for moderator or shielding material in addition to the sources.

© Fraunhofer INT
© Fraunhofer INT

The static test system consists of three guide rails with roller carriages for carrying the detectors being tested. The center part has a pneumatic-based lift-up mechanism (lift-up times below 0.5 s) for sources to be moved out of the storage position in the radiation shielding. The radiation shielding in the storage position is variable and is adapted to the type of source used for testing (lead is used for gamma sources, while a structure of borated polyethylene, lead, and high density polyethylene is used for neutron sources). Height adjustment of the detector and the source is done by using a cross line laser with the roller carriage lift-up mechanism and the holders specially-made for the differing sources.

The test systems are rounded off by a data acquisition system which includes video observation (this enables the analysis of the time response for systems without data storage capabilities) and environmental data collection. Both systems have a modular design and are transportable.

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