Forest firefighting in Europe

The "FIRE-IN" project terminates – but the network remains

Coordinated by SAFE CLUSTER, 16 consortium partners have worked in three steps to improve national and European processes for understanding and developing the necessary capabilities to fight forest fires:

  1. Identification and harmonization of operational capability gaps
  2. Screening for suitable solutions
  3. Definition of the Fire & Rescue Strategic Research and Standardization Agenda

To identify capability gaps, thematic working groups were initiated within the project on the following topics: "search and rescue and emergency medical response", "structure fires", "landscape fires", "natural hazards mitigation" and "CBRN-E" (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive substances).

The screening for suitable solutions was conducted under the lead of Fraunhofer INT and involved the KATI-system developed at the institute. Capability gaps and screened solutions can be found on the FIRE-IN website. In addition, promising solutions were presented in dossiers, which can also be found on the project homepage.

More than five years after its start in May 2017, the project ended in October 2022 with a final symposium at the French Civil Defense Air Base in Nîmes. In addition to a tour of the base (see Figs. 1 + 2), the symposium was used for networking with other projects to promote continuation of the network that has been created and dissemination of the results.

Fig. 1: Firefighting robot at the French Civil Defense Air Base in Nîmes
Fig. 2: Training simulator at the French Civil Defense Air Base in Nîmes