Nuclear Effects in Electronics and Optics


  • Investigations of the effects in all kinds of radiation environments
  • Performance, analysis, and evaluation of irradiation tests done at Fraunhofer INT and external facilities
  • Ensuring the operability of components and systems in typical radiation environments, such as space, nuclear facilities, medicine, or accelerators
  • Consulting users and manufacturers on the use of products in radiation environments by selecting, optimizing and hardening
  • Measurement of the radiation effects on optical fibers and fiber Bragg gratings (FBG)
  • Development of radiation sensors based on optical fibers, FBGs, oscillating crystals, UV-EPROMs, and SRAMs
  • Participation in the development of international test procedures for IEC, IEEE, NATO, and IAEA

Total Ionizing Dose Tests (TID)


Displacement Damage


Irradiation of Optical Materials, Fibers, and FBGs